sQuini-mini Part 1: Quinoa inspired meals, snacks and more

Quinoa & Coconut Granola Clusters

Quinoa coconut granola clusters

The recipe for this is below. Also, ideas on what else you can do with this highly versatile, nutritious and yummy food click here.

I am not a fan of Quinoa per se. Let me just put that out there. But, there are several recipes that I have stumbled across and tweaked to make my own. 

This Quinoa Coconut Granola Clusters cooks in 10 - 15 mins. And is great for when you want to limit your cravings. This sets you up nicely as a breakfast meal. The ingredients are:

1 cup   Quick Oats

1/2 cup   Quinoa

1/2 cup   Almond slivers or ovals

1 cup        Unsweetened Coconut shavings

2 - 3 tblsp    Honey or Agave sweetener

2 tblsp    Raisin, dried (optional)


Mix half the agave or honey with quinoa. Roast coconut, almonds, quinoa and oats separately for about 7 to - 10 mins at 300 deg. F. You can do this to your desired taste. I like quinoa and almond a little brown. They will look like this. 

 Roast the quinoa with honey or agave first before combining with oatmeal, almonds, coconut and raisins (I added raisins because I wanted to use up all the left over I had at home. Otherwise, this recipe doesn't need it).

Top this mixture with honey or agave again, slightly compressing the grains until they look like this. Then roast in the oven for 7 mins at 300 deg. F. Below is what the final mixture looks like.

I toss these in a Ziploc bag and carry with me as a snack. Movie time popcorn has met up with these delicious clusters once in a while. Breakfast doesn't come cheaper when you use babies. Just don't tell your teenage daughter about it.