About Me

I love winter. Enjoy bacon and love coffee. Hate skating and swimming. Some people think having too much shoes is a bad habit? I beg to differ…LOL. My love for good sashimi is only eclipsed by my love of jollof rice mixed with egusi soup. Otherwise, I enjoy dinner breakfast, Island style, ya mhon. Vegetables? I am starting to really really enjoy them.

Nollywood films are my guilty pleasure. Don’t get me started on Meryl Streep, she is the best female actress in Hollywood. I think Ed Harris and Chiwetel Ejiofor are vastly underrated actors. Blackberry phones rocks! Namibia and Ireland are my dream places to visit. If you find all that bio of me confusing, I don’t blame you because I often refer to myself as a perfectly seasoned blend of two blessed cultures (Nigeria and Canada). If you marinate that blend in couple more cultures; which I have had the privilege of adopting over the years through my travel then you can begin to understand YOURS TRULY. Did you notice the food metaphors? I love to eat good food and I think there is nothing better than home-cooked food.

Because of my thoroughly blended identity, it used to be difficult to let people in without feeling vulnerable. It caused me so much anxiety and stress growing up. For this reason, I struggled with school and making friends my first few years as a new migrant.  Once I learned how to adapt with the blended identity, life became easier and freer. This is why I have started this blog.

I  want to share some of my experience with people that are new to this “blended” thing. Whether you’ve just migrated to a new culture or you have been thrust into a family lifestyle that requires adjustment to another culture, you may find some helpful hints on this site. This is a Blog for all things BLENDED. I will try to post interesting finds and comment/write my opinions about Blended families/people, food, hair fashion, language and entertainment.

I hope you like what you see here. If you do, it's kind to share. If you don’t, be kind. Let me know too. We are among friends.

Yours Truly, A Canadian-Nigerian, citizen of earth.