I smell something Fishy

Ewww. What is that smell? I think you will agree that maybe the worst way to make a first impression. Unless there is a very good reason. Years ago I was on the way home when a caught a whiff coming from my under arm. I was 19yrs old and I had just finished a long shift as a restauranteur. I am sure the person next to me on the subway would not have cared whether I was hormonal teenager or had just finished a long day at work.. The reality is, there are those odd times when we have less than perfect body odour (B.O). Too sensitive? Yes, I know.

Anyway, it’s is quite one thing to have a “normal” body odor but it is another thing when your body odour gives you away as a stowaway on a plane. Or when your body emits a smell consisting of a combination of stale red wine and rotten mushroom. Or when you standing next to someone makes their nose quiver. We need to talk.  What causes bad B.O.? Even though I hated biology class, I remember this thing the teacher taught us about bacteria. Plainly put, bacteria growth is encouraged by moisture, temperature and dirt. Well, our bodies cleanses throughout the day through emission of fluids like sweat. And when the environment is moist, dirty and at the right temperature, bacteria will multiply. Additionally, some of us have a medical condition that no matter how much we bathe, it will not help the situation. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a ‘genetic condition’ when it came to bad B.O. Check out this link to learn more.

But before we conclude that we must have a genetic condition, there are some very simple things to that help us fight against bad B.O.

  •  Diet: What we eat is very important for the regulation of our metabolic system. Normally, our body breaks down compounds called TMAU (trimethylaminuria) when we eat. But when we have a defect in our bodies ability to break down this compound, a bad body odour can occur. Enter diet. A good diet routine helps to cleanse your body out of this compound (and others). Dr.  Denise Mann says “to put it bluntly, when excess TMA builds up in your body, you stink.  It’s released via sweat, urine, and breath”. Effectively avoid or minimizing intake of foods such as eggs, legumes, certain meats, fish, and foods that contain choline, nitrogen, and sulfur may reduce the severity of body odor given off. Food sources of choline include soy, egg yolk, butter, banana, barley, cauliflower, corn, flax seeds, lentils, milk, oranges, potatoes, sesame seeds, tomatoes, and whole wheat bread. Affected individuals should also avoid lecithin and lecithin-containing fish oil supplements, which contain high levels of choline. Milk from wheat-fed cows may have significant amounts of TMA and should be avoided After trying these tips, if things don’t improve, it may be time to try the final step.
  • Bathe/Shower: This is not the same as ‘soaking in a bubble bath’. This step involves soap, sponge and water. Scrub your body and all your privates. Water helps to dilute bacteria build-up on your skin and in turn reduce the smell.
  •  Get a good Antiperspirant: Moisture reduction will have the same effect as washing your body. Apply a deodorant that will reduce the amount of sweat being produced in your underarm. A good deodorant is this one. Try a good brand that works for high PH bodies. In my teens, Mitchum brand of deodorant worked for my sweating. You might want to try men’s deodorant.
  •  Wear clothes that breathe well: Polyester fabric and tight body hugging clothes are not good for airing out sweat and odour. In fact, these fabric are known for causing your body to generate more sweat;  the perfect environment for bacteria growth. Sweat, tepid temperature and dirt.
  • Go see a doctor. There may be other underlying medical issues associated with your condition. The sooner you get it checked out the better off you’ll be.

You will notice what is missing from the list. Perfume. My theory is: perfumes don’t help bad body. The beauty of perfume is to enhance a person’s NATURAL scent. An unpleasant smell emanating from your body is NOT natural. Therefore I believe the only solution for taming body odour is to take care of the underlying cause which may be as simple as adjusting your Diet, have good personal hygiene and seeking medical advise. Check out  this blog on how to choose the right fragrance.

Take good care of your self and make a good statement about you.

The information in this monograph is intended for informational purposes only, and is meant to help users better understand health concerns. Information is based on review of scientific research data, historical practice patterns, and clinical experience. This information should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. Users should consult