4 ways to choose the right perfume for your Body type

The fragrance of your oils is pleasant. Your name is like a fragrant oil poured out.

Song of Solomon 1:3

Fragrances and perfumes have been around a long time. The wise king Solomon once wrote poetic songs about his unrequited love-interest in very “fragrant” language. So, we can trace body oils and scents back to biblical times. The only thing that is probably new is the price tag.

$75 to $150.00. That’s the raw cash to MOST of us normal people spend on bottle of perfume. The world’s most expensive perfume; the DKNY Golden delicious perfume sells for $1 million. Yes, people the bottle is made of Gold! For that price, it will be very sad to discover the “scent” of your fragrance doesn’t work for your body type.

So, here are 4 sure ways to discover which fragrance works best for your body:


  1. Find out your natural body scent. This is basically finding out what you smell like without any fragrance. It is better to do this a few hours after a shower (and lotion of my body if necessary).  I recommend you do this test over night as it will give your body enough time to metabolize and sweat through your pores all the food and beverages going through your body.
  2. Study which scents appeal to you in nature. Sniff. Sniff. Sniffing out which “undertone” makes you feel good. A simple stock of what your nose likes to smell often will do this trick. Do you like the smell of citrus, fruits salad, grass, vanilla, flowers, ocean scents, spices or woods? Or mixtures of some of these. Personally, I love citrus/oceanic scents. It really livens me up. I feel energized and infused with passion and positivity whenever I smell anything citrus. On the other hand, I feel last night’s dinner working it’s way out of my mouth as I think of the smell of fresh cut grass.
  3. Know thy self: If you were asked out on a date, would you dress sporty, elegant, sophisticated, or guy/girl next door? Your scent (including) fragrance should describe you. Not your neighbour. Don’t just buy perfume because it smells good on your friend. You have a different natural body scent than they have. Let your scent describe your personality.
  4. Talk to someone. I used to constantly pestered my aunt about the shrine of perfume she maintained until one day, she allowed me to try some. Eventually, I picked the right one for my body. Your spouse is probably a good reference point here. Almost always, a trip to the perfume counter at the boutique will get us all the info we need because your normally are given sample sizes to take home. Or you can get a spritz of it on your wrist. The reason this work is because as you walk around with the scent on your wrist, your body heats up and the fragrance mixes with your body scent. What you smell is the evaporating fumes of both the fragrance and your natural body scent. But keep in mind, some sales people are there to just “sell”. If you don’t know what you like they will sell you whatever they want to sell.  But, here are 5 tips on how to manage your body scent:
  1.  Have a good eating and hygiene habit. Yes. I am a food gal. I firmly believe good food and a smile are the cheapest outfit or fragrance a person can wear. Your body’s natural scent is affected by what you eat. If you are sporting an offensive B.O. chances are perfume will not work very well on you.  So why spend all that money when you can start with a good eating and hygiene habit.
  2. Your perfume shouldn’t make your throat itch. This means you are probably allergic to it. If so, try another undertone.
  3. If you can smell your perfume on you, chances are, others can too. If scent is too strong for you chances are it’s also too powerful for others. Sexy people don’t bathe in their fragrance. Wink, wink.
  4. Avoid the Brand Name trap. Don’t just buy a perfume because of it’s name brand…unless you have tons of money to throw away or you enjoy miss match perfume. T
  5. Try to match perfume for the occasion. A girl’s night out: maybe try something not too overwhelming to blend in with your gals. For these kinds of events I’d do Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. Or for a romantic dinner, you might try floral scent’s like Flower by Kenzo. How about Channel No 5? 

I do hesitate to give advice on specific perfume types because the decision is so personal. However, the one thing to remember is that: wearing perfume is a part of your entire outfit. Coordinate it with your preferred fragrance tone/note and your personality. I promise you, you will be irresistible. Smell good and smell right.

What is your favourite perfume? Why?