A friend that talks too much but has nothing meaningful to contribute. An insecure flirt. One that doesn't talk enough. One that judges and criticises everything you do. Or one that likes to show off. None of these types of friends are really good for your soul. Why should it be any different on social media?  

The worst behaviour you can ever come across on social media can be summed up in one word: ANNOYING. Don't get me wrong, we are all guilty of one or two Social Media mistakes once in a while. But, we all know that F.book friend whose status are ALWAYS about cussing out someone and whose pics are more often, a sore on the senses. I've been stewing about this for a number of years now. So, pardon me, this is a vent your feelings type of post.

1. PHOTO PHOBIA: Share them. People want to see what you look like. Too many pictures of you from a different angle is not appealing (ahem...ME).  Oh Yeah, keep them candid. No one is interested in photoshoped pictures of you.

2. PROFILE PHONIES: Get one if you have more than 50 friends. A profile is not the same thing as a photo. It just seems wierd/erieeeeee that you are hiding yourself while peeking at photos and life events of others.  If you don't want to embrace social media, don't join. (I fought it for a long time. But, I have since realized that social media is here to stay. Unless I intend to live under a rock, this is life as we know it.)

3. STATUS ABUSERS: Status updates are a natural and acceptable part of socializing on social media. Say something once in a while....ONCE in a while. But, I'll still love you if you talk too much. Consider using Twitter because its much more suitable for a blow-by-blow account of your daily activities. You get ma drift. My rule for status update is: offer something that others to enjoy. Humour, Advice, Lessons, DIY tips, News are all good stuff to share. Sometimes, you need support, ask for it too. But always telling others on F.book that you are about to cuss someone out before you proceed to call them fake friends is a "pot-meets-kettle" moment. Why are they still on your fridends list? Fake of you, nuh?  If they are not on your friends list, then posting that on your status only harms your image. Dumb. Nuh? 

4. TIME STEALERS: Keep status short if possible because we will only give you 10 seconds to speak your mind. A "Today-I-am-counting-down-my-trip-until-the-next-hour-when-I-countdown-my-trip" status is too complicated to keep track. It makes you look desperate for attention. And we don't have time for that.  

5. SAFETY VIOLATORS: This is the one that will be the most controversial...sorry if I hurt your feelings. But, my biggest pet peeves is when people post too many pics of their young children for EVERY Dick and Harriet to see. Perverts are out there and there are no guarantees that your friends have tight F.book security and privacy settings. The thought of someone having inappropriate thoughts over a photo of your little one is hard to stomach...for me anyway.  I know we can't imagine it, but among our 500 so-called friends are some people who might not be wired right. Some who have desensitized themselves due to indulgence in viewing child porn...etc. Do you really want to take the risk? 

6. LACK OF KINDNESS: Don't post ugly photos of your friends without their permission. It's not kind.

7. Finally, I'd like to use the "F" word. Forgive. Don't shut off that friend who  makes annoying status forever. OMG....LOL. Isn't it annoying when people just give you the silent treatement over silly annoying f.book statuses? Forgive them. It could be that they have learned from their past anti-social mistakes. You could be missing out a great networking opportunity if you tune them out forever. 

I told you this was a vent your feelings kind of post. Tell us the social media habits that irks you on social media.