Part 1 - How to attend College CHEAP

What was the last time gossip blogger like Linda Ikeji or Perez Hilton gave you students advice on MONEY? No offense to these likely wonderful people who have a role to play in society. But, why are should you waste time helping them create their dream career when you could do better than them? 

You don't need me to tell you that average cost of education for an undergrad degree in the U.S is $45,000. That's not including any "pre-university" school tuition costs for international students which can run anywhere from $30,000 to $55,000 per year. So after four years, your tuition has almost cost you or your parents $100K. Education loans are available through federal and state government source but, believe me, they can keep you locked down for years. President Obama didn’t finish paying his student loans until after his first term in office. 

It's time to figure where the heck you are going to get all the money from.  I did something a little different than most when I attended post secondary school. It saved me a ton of money headache and I think it is worth sharing. No, it's not strip tease. 

Take a moment to study this picture. Parents, where did you fit in when you attended post-secondary school? Students, where would you like to fit in. 


After picking your preferred mode for funding your education from the diagram above, go through this slide show below to see if it matched your choice. Scroll and hover over the image to see the tips for each point.

The summary of these tips can be found on this link. But, they are only a small part of the complete advice. Part 2 of this series goes further into exactly WHAT you need to be doing. Part 3 will focus on HOW to do it along with a sample budge plan. Stay Tuned!

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